Home: Our Fixer Upper

It's no secret that fixing up fixer uppers is the THING right now. Ten years ago when we started fixing up our house everyone we knew thought we were nuts. I can't say that I blame them. When we bought this house, it was right within our budget and we had a teensy bit of money left over to update a few things up front. It only took ten more years for us to get it exactly where we wanted it to be. Just in time to sell it!

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Mom Life Monday - The Cure For Complaing


Happy Monday to YOU! Hope you had a great weekend! For this week's Mom Life Monday tip of the day, I wanted to share an idea we have been using in our house to help with the issue of complaining. I'm sure your children don't ever complain but just in case, here's what we've found works for us!Whenever I hear one of my girls say something that resembles complaining, I always respond with 

"Before you complain about a problem, try to find a solution."

 For instance:Rowen's Problem: "Reeeeeeeeese! I can't see the TV! Mommy, Reese won't MOVE!"My response: "Rowen, before we complain about a problem, let's try to find a solution! Instead of complaining that Reese won't move, please just ask her (with kindness!) to please scoot over so you can see.If you have kids under the age of four, you will most likely have to help them find the solution in the beginning, but as they get more practice solving their OWN PROBLEMS, they will become much better at it! I've been so amazed to hear how much better the girls are at figuring out their problems all on their own, rather than complaining being their first resort.I wish I could say that we have alleviated complaining all together, but it definitely still happens. The key from a parenting perspective is to be consistent, not fix it for them, remind them what they need to do, and some times give them a little guidance.Now for today's Momiform, here's an outfit I get a lot of wear out of in the Fall.The key ingredients to pull off this look is a pair of skinny jeans (these are only $65!), a cute button down, and riding boots. I've been hunting the right pair of riding boots for YEARS. These are absolutely perfect. When I shared them on my instagram, I couldn't believe how many messages from followers that said that they've had these boots for years and they still look great!

I love a loose fitting button down, especially if it includes a pretty bow detail like this one. It's a little more of a splurge for me but it can be worn in so many different ways. I absolutely love the color combo, too! Like I said before, these riding boots are the most affordable and comfortable pair I've ever owned. They run true to size and also come in a wide calf version. They have the prettiest button detail above the zipper in the back and the color goes with everything!Thanks so much for stopping by the blog for Mom Life Monday! Today's memory verse is "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men." Colossians 3:23Outfit details below!