Thoughtful Gift Ideas

Have you read the book about the love languages? Well, Matt and I joke that I have the most expensive love language....GIFTS!Sorry, babe!But not only do I love getting gifts. I also love giving them, too!If you're tired of settling for giving gift cards and hug coupons, then you're in the right place. A little bit of planning ahead and you can feel so good about the gifts you give this Christmas.Here are a few tips for making your gift giving a little more special.

Personalize it.

One of my favorite gifts I've ever given were these personalized family recipe printables. I did a little digging into my mom's recipe box and found my grandmother's most famous recipe, sent the text to Printable Wisdom, and they sent me back the most beautiful printable!! Watching my mom's face as she opened it up and realized what it was, is hands down one of my favorite memories!recipe-printableMy friend Heather makes the most beautiful handmade signs and they would be perfect for a newly established family. Even if you don't really know someone's style, these are neutral enough to be a hit for anyone!family-name-sign 

Strings Attached Gifts

Ok what I mean by "strings attached"? I mean give a gift that's a lead into a bigger gift. For instance: plan to give your man an awesome new toiletry bag and inside a note that says "Pack up and come away with me!" Plan a weekend getaway and just let this be the front gift. Still practical but a little more fun than just saying "Hey, wanna go out of town?"  If you know a couple that's newly married, give them a cute little basket for storage and inside include a gift card to their favorite restaurant and a movie.


Pay Attention

Sometimes the best gift ideas are staring us right in the face. A few years ago, I had apparently mentioned a few times how much I loved the red Hunter rain boots. I already owned a pair of black ones so I would have never bought a pair for myself and since we were on such a tight budget that year, I didn't ask for any gifts. But Matt got them for me as a surprise and I just boo hoo'd when I opened them! It was so fun! Even if most of the people in your life aren't giving you great lists, they are probably dropping awesome hints all the time about what they might like! I keep a notes section open in my phone so when I get an idea for someone, I write it down so I won't forget it.

The absolute best tip for giving great gifts is not waiting til the last minute to buy! Make a list of who you'll need to buy for this year and start really thinking about what they might like. The most memorable gifts are the ones that have had thought put into them! So plan ahead and ENJOY the process of buying things that will light up the faces of the ones you love.