Reese and Rowen's Room

I'm so excited to finally be able to share Reese and Rowen's room with you today! This room has been a labor of love but I've enjoyed every second of it.Up to this point, the girls have had their own rooms but we were feeling that they might actually enjoy rooming together. Their little friendship has grown so much in the past few months and now seeing them in the same room giggling and chatting it up at night as they go to sleep just gives me ALL the momma feels.Combining their rooms also allowed us to turn the other bedroom into a big playroom for them. More on that playroom to come soon!! 25-9m2b02181-9m2b01353-9m2b01395-9m2b01426-9m2b01467-9m2b014810-9m2b015511-9m2b015914-9m2b017215-9m2b017716-9m2b018124-9m2b0212The inspiration for the girl's room started with this dreamy floral watercolor wallpaper. I had originally wanted to do the whole wall but since the price tag of this paper was pretty steep, we decided to do a half wall instead. This worked perfectly with this board and batten half wall that my Dad helped me install.One of my favorite parts of the room are these amazing rose gold curtain panels. They are super functional because they are black out but they also have a little sparkle on them. You know how I feel about sparkles!Speaking of sparkle, this chandelier was a total last minute decision but I LOVE how it looks! The way it casts light through the crystals is so dreamy.The girl's beds have this amazing antique feel about them but I actually found them for a great price at Target. The comforters are twin size and they fit PERFECTLY. They have a seam that runs in the middle and on each side of the mattress so it's the perfect way to train the girls to make their beds.I've got a detailed list of sources for everything in the girl's room but if you have questions about anything I missed, please let me know!Thank you so much for taking a look at this sweet room!All these photos were taken by my amazing friend Megan Wallach![showshopthepostwidget id="2085067"]