Family Pictures + Celebrating the Hardest Seasons

9m2b0595I'm literally waffling back and forth between swooning and drooling over the beautiful family pictures that my dear friend Megan Wallach took for us.I went in a totally different direction than I had planned with styling this shoot. I had originally thought casual, plaid, and festive. That's been my go-to in the past. But after the year we've had, I decided to go more fancy and sparkly.We have struggled through this year so we wanted a celebration of our lives being beautiful even when they're messy.In the past year, Matt has spent over two months combined hospitalized. He has had major health scares that left us wondering if he was going to make it. We have had two cars totaled. Both times the girls were in the car. The first time, I was hit head on by a reckless driver and we were run off the road into a telephone pole. My right thumb was broken so I was in a cast for two months. Some of you know that Matt is a State Farm Agent so he also had two employees leave right after he got out of the hospital.I'll spare you the other details of all that's gone on but let's just say it's been the greatest adventure in finding joy in the midst of pain and peace in the midst of chaos.We have seen that God's sovereignty is perfect and He is always pursuing us with His goodness even when we can't see it.We aren't sad to see this year go but we are so grateful to have a fresh start in 2017! 9m2b0595 9m2b0836 9m2b0830 9m2b0809 9m2b0794 9m2b0769  9m2b0752 9m2b0747 9m2b0744 9m2b0730 9m2b0673 9m2b0661 9m2b0636 9m2b0632 9m2b0622 9m2b0595 9m2b0572 9m2b05609m2b0755   9m2b0747 9m2b0744 9m2b0730 Thanks for reading, friends!All of our outfit details are here:[showshopthepostwidget id="2106944"]