Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

img_4936 img_4937  img_4939  img_4940  img_4941 [showshopthepostwidget id="2115299"] I love getting dressed up for Thanksgiving lunch but I don't like feeling uncomfortable on the one day of the year that calories don't count and you can literally eat yourself into a food coma and no one will judge.So let's talk about being comfy without looking frumpy.Leggings and a tunic will be your friend. You can spruce it up by adding a faux fur vest and a statement necklace. Stay away from anything high wasted or restricting around your middle section. Basically anything that feels fussy is a no no.A poncho is also an awesome idea for Thanksgiving. Here are a few I'm loving right now.[showshopthepostwidget id="2115319"]You don't have to sacrifice comfort for looking put together in your Thanksgiving outfit. If all else fails, just wear what you want and pack a pair of jammies to change into after lunch! Oh, and don't forget comfy house shoes! [showshopthepostwidget id="2115495"] Have a great day, friends!!