The Little Girl Gift Guide

I'm so excited to share some of my favorite picks for the little love in your life.Whether you're shopping for a niece, little sister, daughter, or granddaughter, I have rounded up some of our current favorite things in our house as well as some of the things on the top of my girls' Christmas list this year.collage-2016-11-18-1My girls LOVE their play kitchen! We got it for them last year for Christmas and Reese was immediately interested, while Rowen has just now started paying attention to it. So I'd say if your babe is walking, they're ready for a kitchen!Reese has been asking for this doll house for weeks. Her imaginative play is off the charts right now so she is going to flip when she sees this one on Christmas morning. This set also includes the accessories so it will come with all you need to play right away!There's a store at the outlet mall near our house that has a little play area in the middle of the store so mom can shop while the kiddos entertain themselves. Bless it. That's the first time we saw this ice cream set and the girls couldn't get enough.If you follow me on instagram, you know how we feel about Hunter rain boots. Reese got her first pair on her 2nd birthday and we've been hooked ever since. These are play shoes, church shoes, and everyday shoes. We wear them all. the. time. They hold up beautifully and always add a little flair to their outfits. Also, they are the easiest shoes we own to get on and off so it's great practice!I have to hold back on going overboard in the book department. I looooooove books! The Favorite Dress book is just precious. It's especially wonderful because all three of us enjoy it. Also, it looks so pretty displayed on their book shelf.My girls are constantly coming into the kitchen asking to "help" me. I'm excited for each of them to have their own little apron not just to play in their little kitchen, but also when they're really cooking with mommy. These from Pottery Barn are perfect since you can get them monogrammed. Talk about avoiding future scuffles over what belongs to who.This little tea set from Pottery Barn is dreamy! Since I just can't bring myself to invest in a breakable tea set and I really hate the plastic kind, this metal ballerina set is just perfection. Pottery Barn knows what their doing, y'all.All my picks are linked or you can also click on the picture below.Tea Set || Apron || Ice Cream Set || Wooden Camera || Doll House || Play Kitchen || Favorite Dress Book || Hunter Boots || Madeline Pajama Set ||[showshopthepostwidget id="2131915"] Happy Shopping, y'all!