Loving Where You Live

Hi, friends! Happy Monday to you! There's a shiny new week ahead and I want to start it out with a perspective shift. It's so easy to get hung up in the game of comparing and contrasting the haves and have nots in our lives. Unfortunately comparison just wont't stay put in one area either. It buries it's claws into all the areas. I mean I could talk about how it affects my parenting, how it affects the way I view my looks, or even what kind of purse I carry, but today we are going to focus how it affects the place I wake up and take up space day in and day out.Let's talk about the home.We've lived in our house for almost nine years. She's a cutie but she's got her faults. Not too long ago I found myself throwing a massive pity party when I started to realize that most of my friends had moved out of "starter homes" into bigger and better houses. I was still "stuck" in this one. Bless my poor heart. As luck would have it (or God would ordain it!), that same week, my little potty trainer had an accident on the couch. I took the cushion off to wash it and in the process, the zipper busted and the cushion cover didn't even fit anymore. We put a towel over the cushion as a temporary solution. Just use your imagination to envision how classy it looks.In the past I might have tried to pep talk myself into feeling better about the situation. I used to find myself saying things like "Well, at least you have a couch. People in other countries sleep in the dirt and have no place to sit". But comparison, even if you're the "winner" in the game, still doesn't help in the long run. What does help is to shift your perspective. Here's what this looks like for me...First off, I speak life into my space. I know it sounds cheesy but we've gotten into the practice of saying something kind about our home every time we pull into the driveway. We've done it long enough now that we even hear the girls say "Look at that sweet little house" when we get home most days. We also say things like "Isn't it so fun that we have a porch to swing on?" or "I love that we have such big trees in our yard!" It's simple but it's effective. Remind yourself daily why where you live is a good place to be.Another thing I do when I begin to feel dissatisfied is to CLEAN the heck out of my house. Even an old car looks good with a little wash and wax. Get rid of clutter and excess in your home, give her a good clean, light a candle, and voila! Some days I'm shocked at how much I can fall in love with my home again just because I took the time to clean her up.Now that the house is clean, I invite people over! There's nothing sweeter than hearing conversation and laughter flow through your home. I always find myself wishing I had a bigger house so I could host more people and then I'm like WAIT. I can totally host people here now! I used to think I had to have a perfectly planned and executed dinner party in order to have people over. Now I'm kind of loving the idea of having a big pot of soup, a football game, and letting people fight over who gets to sit on our "special cushion" ;-)What I love about perspective is that it changes nothing about your life but how you view it. There is sooooo much power in that! I love in Romans 12:2 where Paul reminds us to "renew our minds". Shifting our perspective to an attitude of gratitude helps us to do that.I hope you already love where you live! But if you don't, I hope that a few of these ideas will change that for you.Happy first of the week, sweet friends!