Reese & Rowen's Christmas Room

12-9m2b0162 14-9m2b0172 17-9m2b0189 18-9m2b0194 20-9m2b0201 23-9m2b0210 I would never have been able to imagine that I could love Christmas any more than I did when I was growing up, but seeing it through the eyes of my babies just makes it SO much more fun!This year we bought a new white tree for the girl's room and picked out all the ornaments together. Both my girls are naturally drawn to pink (they get it honest) so it was pretty easy to stick with the pink and sparkly theme. Their little tree is in the perfect spot for bedtime stories, also referred to as "reading Rudolph for the millionth time".I have a tendency to go overboard with decor (and all the things) so it was an exercise in restraint to just do a bit in their room.They love their little space and I'm sure it's going to be quite tricky to try to ever take this tree down! Maybe it'll be a Valentine tree ;-)A few resources for ya![showshopthepostwidget id="2191331"] As promised, a few of my picks from the Pottery Barn Kids Cyber Week Sale. Shwew. That's a mouthful.[showboutiquewidget id="507723"]