Men's Gift Guide

I'm doing most of my shopping for Matt online this year so Cyber Monday is gonna be my time to shine. I've finally convinced him to give me a very detailed list because he is SO difficult to shop for! Here are a few things I've got my eye on for him this year:[showboutiquewidget id="504427"] Amazon Echo - Currently $40 off + free shipping! Matt has had his eye on this for a while now. It's super convenient for those among us who love effortlessly tossing commands and getting results. HA! But really though, it's awesome to have around for convenience sake.Nike Running Shorts - My sweet man is a brand snob. He'd hate to admit that. But really there's nothing better than Nike when it comes to athletic wear. We try to be outside a lot and love being active so I try to throw away the tattered and worn out shorts of his and replace them as frequently as I can.Tim Tebow's Book - Matt read Tim's first book and loved it. He said it was very inspirational! So this one will hopefully be too!Vest - For some reason committing to wear an actual coat is kind of a pain for some men. Matt would prefer to thrown on a warm vest so he can feel a little less restrained in a big bulky jacket. This one is currently 40% off!Work Boots - Like I said before, Matt LOVES being outside. As he's started feeling better, he's started taking on more projects around the house. So naturally he needs an awesome pair of work boots. These are the ones recommended by the MAN himself, Chip Carter Gaines. What Chip says GOES, y'all.Overnight Bag - We have started traveling a bit more with Matt's company so I was thinking it was time for a bit of an upgrade to his toiletry bag. I loved this one from Land's End because of how it folds up.Apple Watch - FINALLY Matt got an I phone this weekend! #praisehands Now he's really considering trading out his fit bit for a more one and done watch. I like the sleek design and he likes the function of having everything he needs in one place.House Shoes - This is a staple gift I like to buy each year. These are a part of the 50% off sale and just look so durable and sooooo comfy. The perfect combo in a house shoe! 40% off right now! I hope this helps to serve is a bit of a guide as you're shopping for the men in your life.