Yep. That’s it. Now before you request a refund, hear me out!

When Matt and I first got married and moved into our little white house, we were so blessed to have the best parks nearby. Having walking trails with beautiful views gave us something to look forward to on our long, easy, kid-free weekends. We didn’t even realize how simple those days were. Ha!

Somebody gave us advice early on in our marriage that one of the best ways to work on communication is to go on walks. We were both really wanting to lay a good foundation, especially in the beginning, so we did just that!

We quickly discovered that whoever it was that told us that (wish we could give you a better shoutout but I literally can’t remember) was absolutely right. We’ve had by and large the most meaningful conversations of our marriage on our walks.

I know it sounds almost too simple, but if someone were to ask me what my biggest tip for communication would be, it’s walking. As women, we need to feel like we have our man’s undivided attention in order to communicate our feelings. And guys alot of times enjoy shoulder to shoulder time and feel like if they’re actively doing something, they can open up more. So now you can see why going for walks can be so monumental for your relationship!

So even if this week, you just take ten or fifteen minutes to walk, that would be a great start. It doesn’t have to be super long walks in order to be meaningful.

And while you’re out there getting your walk one, you might as well look good doing it, right? We have been partnering with Jockey to try out some of their classic pieces, and this month it’s active wear! 'I’m so glad to finally be retiring Matt’s high school football shorts and these are a great length and fit. Their tees for men are also incredible and versatile!

I couldn’t wait to try these blush leggings. The strappy detail gives them such a fun feel and they pair perfectly with this tunic top. Wearing the size small in both, but if you’re in between in the leggings, I’d size up!

Thank you for reading today’s post and thank you to Jockey for sponsoring it!