Graphic tees, if you please

It’s no secret I have a thing for graphic tees. I just love what they do to an outfit! You can immediately add a little edge without going overboard. It’s also a fun way to make a statement. Most of my graphic tees are in support of coffee, but I once had one that said “One happy mama”. The only problem with that tee is that every time I wore it, my kids would have public meltdowns. Not even playing. So that one stays in the drawer most days.

Hands down my favorite way to style a graphic tee is with a midi skirt and sneakers. This is super on trend right now but it’s also a really comfortable combo.

I’m sharing a few graphic tees I got from Nordstrom because the first one reminds the people around me to not talk to me until I drink my coffee. Ha! The other message reminds me to keep doing what I love! Also that day dreams are put in our hearts for a reason so to keep pursuing the things that make us feel ALIVE.

Everything else I’ve styled is from Nordstrom, too! Talk about nailing the Fall vibe. These crop pants are the perfect dress up or down situation. I went with my normal size small . This leopard midi skirt is insanely soft and hugs you in all the right places. If in between sizes, I’d go up in that one. Act fast because it’s selling quickly since it’s such a great price point! This flowy midi skirt is SOOOOO flattering and just plain fun to walk in! Those slits are perfection! I went with a size 6 in those.

I am so honored to have been able to partner with Nordstrom on today’s post! Working with such quality brands was always a day dream of mine and to see it come true just blows my mind! Thanks for being here for that, friends!