Fall Basics

Ok, friends! Today I want to clear something up once and for all… Spanx leggings really are in a league of their own and totally worth the investment, in my opinion.

I know this is not groundbreaking news but I have responded to a LOT of messages from people asking if I really think they’re worth it. Plus, I’ve tried three other look a like pairs that don’t even come close to the quality and appearance of the Spanx leggings.

I know you can get these a lot of places BUT I high.y suggest ordering from Nordstrom. Here’s why: Nordstrom has hands DOWN the best customer service and if anything were to ever happen to your spanx (especially after paying so much for them!), you want to make sure things can be made right. If you’re ordering for the first time, I suggest sizing up! I wear the medium and I love the fit.

While you’re shopping at Nordstrom, might I suggest grabbing one of these striped layering tees? One of the reasons I love it so much is because it stretches to a tunic length that works great with tunic sweaters. It’s also tight enough to wear tucked into jeans. I’d suggest going with your normal size.

As an added bonus to today’s post, I wanted to share this cozy and comfy turtleneck sweater. It’s a great price point and obviously works great with leggings! I went with my normal size in this one.

Thank you to Nordstrom or sponsoring today’s post!