Mother's Day

Buying gifts for mom can be tricky. Especially Mother's Day gifts. This day is so sweet and sentimental and it carries so much weight. Celebrating the woman who brought you into the world, potty trained you, fed you every meal, kissed your boo boos, and sang you to sleep is a big deal. Hug coupons aren't gonna cut it anymore, kids. We can do better.

Me and my mommy at the beach last year

If your mom is anything like mine (if you're lucky, she is. Mine is awesome) then she loves gifts that mean something. It wouldn't matter if I gave her a new wreath for her front door or a gift certificate for a massage, as long as I told her why I gave her the gift, she would love it. When she knows I put thought into the gift I gave her, that's what speaks volumes. Because isn't that what this day is all about? Honoring the one who has spent millions of her thoughts thinking of you? 

My gift for my mom this year is really simple. I got her a few special things for her kitchen that I noticed she needed when we were baking together last Christmas. Practical and pretty. Two things that she and I both appreciate.

But another part of her gift has been coordinating a dinner with all her girls (I have five sisters) so we can spend some quality time together. My mom told me once that as we have gotten older, she has feared we wouldn't want to spend time with her anymore. It's actually quite the opposite! I want to spend more time with my mom now than I ever have. But I can say those words all day. If I don't help plan time to spend with my mom, my words fall flat.

So don't be mad but I really don't have a "one size fits all, buy this for your mom and she'll stay happy til next year" gift list. I wouldn't know where to start because only you know your mom. My only suggestion is to think about her. Like really think. What makes her smile. What makes her light up. If you don't know, then ask her.

I think now that I am a mom I can connect so much better with my mom. I have a tiny little understanding of what it must have been like for her to give and give and expect nothing in return. But also to know how gratifying it is to get something in return from the people you love the most in the world.

Maybe it's a hand-written note, maybe it's just a one on one dinner out. Maybe it's a shopping trip where you help her pick out some clothes. Maybe all these things sound exhausting because you don't have the best relationship with your mom. What if this year you extended the hand of friendship to her as your gift? Talk about the gift that keeps on giving...

Whatever you choose to get for your mama this year, my hope is that we will all take some time to really think about how our moms have given of themselves and celebrate them for that. Even in their imperfections, they are still ours. So let's love them well this Mother's Day.