Back To School With Walmart

Today’s blog post is sponsored by Walmart and we are SO excited to be sharing some of our affordable back to school finds with y’all!

I literally canNOT believe I’m writing a blog post about back to school! We are still in full swing summer mode over here but I know the beginning of the school year is going to be here in the blink of an eye.

To get ready, we are planning out backpacks, school supplies, and most importantly… CLOTHES!

My girls love a swing dress situation. As in, it’s pretty much all they want to wear. What I love about these striped cuties from Walmart is that they’re a high low so there’s plenty of coverage. The price point is crazy affordable, too!

We are also loading up on cartwheel shorts so they can wear the dresses they want and still play with ease.

These clear backpacks we found are SO sweet! They have a few different patterns available and I’m linking them below!