Favorite Products From Colleen Rothschild

Hey, hey! Thanks for coming by the blog today, friends! One thing I love, like really, really love about my job is that I get to try products and then let y'all know if I think they're worth your time or not. Normally the way this process works is that I will first be approached by a brand, then I'll decide if I want to try the product (if I'm not currently already using it). The final step is to share it here with you so long as it's something I love.This process becomes a lot easier when the brand that reaches out to me already has a reputation of having amazing products. Colleen Rothschild is a skin care brand that has products ranging from cleansing balms to facial masks, and their commitment to providing quality ingredients with real results makes them stand out as an industry leader.For this partnership I was asked to try the clarifying detox mask, the pomegranate and AHA facial mask, and the cocoa cleansing balm. I had already been wanting to try a new face mask since I don't currently have a favorite so this couldn't have been more timely! I loved the idea of providing a detox for my skin after all it goes through during the day. The clarifying detox mask is designed to clear your skin, increase the cellular turnover, and protect it with Vitamin C antioxidants. Most importantly, it just feels AMAZING.Using the cocoa cleansing balm was SO. FUN. It literally felt like I was bathing my skin in chocolate and I wasn't mad at it. The exfoliation was very gentle but also very effective. The job of the cleanser is to hydrate, calm, and protect your skin. It does just that.I will link all the items I used below including the muslin cloths that are very useful in the cleansing process!I know that these types of products are an investment but we've got one face, ladies. Let's do the best we can to reverse the damage that's been done and reduce the possibility of more damage in the future!Now is the perfect time to give Colleen Rothschild a try because today is the first day of their customer appreciation sale. You can get $50 off your $150 purchase now through February 18th. The code for the promotion is CAS50!Thank you so much for coming by the blog and thank you to Colleen Rothschild for sponsoring today's post and giving me the opportunity to try their amazing products![showshopthepostwidget id="3470641"]