Taking Care Of Postpartum Hair

It seems a little unfair that right around the three month postpartum milestone when you finally start to feel a little more normal, your thick and voluminous pregnancy hair turns into the most thin and brittle mess you ever did see.Well, maybe yours didn't do that but mine sure did.In recent weeks, my hair has looked more like a matted rat's tail and I'm just not comfortable going any further in that direction.So I've pulled out the big guns and started making some changes in my hair care that have made a huge difference! I know SO many of you were pregnant along with me this last time so I have to think that y'all may be experiencing some of the same dreadful changes.One of the first things I did was change my pillowcase. Not just from one cotton blend to another. I went full on SILK and I will never ever go back. Not only do I feel like the most fabulous version of myself when I lay down at night, but it also keeps my hair from getting as oily, which means less washing. It also keeps it from getting matted. So I can wake up with it looking the exact same way it looked when I went to sleep. When it's not as tangled, that just means less stress on the hair when I brush it. Less stress leads to less breakage. Amen for that!I got the Slip Silk brand for Christmas but I also found a much less expensive option on Amazon with incredible reviews. I ordered it to try for myself so stay tuned! I linked it below if you'd like to try it with me.To keep me going longer in between washing, I also started using Living Proof Dry Shampoo. I can tell it doesn't dry my hair out nearly as much as the not your mothers brand, which is what I was using before.I also switched my shampoo and conditioner out since apparently the old kind I used was one of the main causes of all my breakage. The kind I'm using now is a restorative formula and I can already tell a huge difference.Beyond the shampoo change, I started using a heat protectant spray before I curled my hair. Even though I'm not blow drying my hair nearly as often, I still curl it at least every other day. The protectant spray just helps keep my hair safe from the damage that heat can cause.The final change I made was adding collagen protein to my smoothies. It is tasteless but works wonders for hair, skin, and nails. It's also high in protein which makes my nursing momma heart happy.So let's do a quick run down since that was a lot of info thrown at you at once!

  1. Silk pillowcase to reduce tangles, matting, and oil (less expensive option HERE)
  2. High Quality Dry Shampoo
  3. Restorative Shampoo and Conditioner
  4. Heat Protectant Spray
  5. Collagen Protein
Bonus: You can also try a hair mask a few times a week to really bring your locks back to life! I got this one for Christmas and it's amazing!A few other recommendations: I LOVE this hairspray, this for body, and this for drying hair!