Spring Gift Giving with Nordstrom

Hey Y'all!I've been so excited to share this post for weeks now because if there's one thing that I absolutely L O V E, it's giving gifts!The month between Thanksgiving and Christmas typically has the reputation is being the gift giving season but if you think about it, Spring time is really when gift giving goes into high gear. We have baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, graduation parties, birthday parties, and mother's day all within a few months. I think it may be time to dethrone Christmas as the ultimate gift giving holiday and start giving Spring the credit it's due!Over the next few weeks, I'll be highlighting some really fun gift ideas with Nordstrom that will be perfect for all the events you have coming up. The thing I love about shopping for gifts at Nordstrom is that it's a one stop shop. I can find the perfect gift for any occasion in one place. The free shipping and free returns makes it even more easily accessible during this busy time of our lives.Not to mention, Nordstrom has the most incredible return policy in the long run. So you can rest assured the gift you give will last the test of time.Today's post is dedicated to weddings and bridal showers. I know that there are your typical wedding registry items, but I wanted to share a few fun things.I remember when Matt and I got married and we walked aisles with our little scanner just as lost as a sock in the dryer! We had no idea what we needed! It took me three years to get a pretty apron because it wasn't something I thought to register for. Most couples will get a great deal of what they NEED, so here are a few things they will need and want.This apron from the new Anthropologie line at Nordstrom is so happy! It's very affordable so it would be perfect to coordinate with a favorite cookbook and some sweet and fancy measuring spoons.Here are a few other favorites for the new cook in the kitchen![showboutiquewidget id="704923"]   One more thing I love is to give a cook book and include a few of your families go-to recipes!Here are a few fresh and fun cook books I'm loving, along with a few more kitchen additions most couples won't think to register for.[showboutiquewidget id="704926"]  The only thing better than giving a gift someone asked for, is giving them a gift they didn't even know they needed. When looking through some of these gift ideas, also remember that many of these would be perfect for Mother's Day as well. If your momma is like mine, most of her kitchen goodies have seen better days. I think my mom would be so thrilled to have a beautiful new apron and a yummy smelling candle to spruce up her time in the kitchen.Thank y'all so much for stopping by the blog today! I hope you found some helpful ideas.Also thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions shared are always my own but it's such an honor to work with such an amazing and reputable brand!Love y'all!