Lerner Olivia

Hi, friends!Finally getting around to sharing about our sweet baby girl's name. I sort of feel like I'm living in a whirlwind of preparation for the future and trying to really soak up the present. The balance can be hard to achieve but I think the time I get most excited about the future is when I'm sitting in her nursery and dreaming about how the whole space will come together. Here are a few things we've started to gather.[showboutiquewidget id="708729"]We still have a long way to go in their but at least the worst part (painting!) is done.I have loved the name Lerner for years now. I first heard it in a movie, even though it was actually someones last name. I just felt like it was unique and feminine without being too terribly crazy. The meaning of the name Lerner is "student" and we chose Olivia as the middle name because the biblical meaning is fruitfulness, beauty, and dignity. But it's also representative of the olive branch that the dove returned to Noah after the flood. It was a sign of one of God's great promises. Therefore the name can also be translated into promise. The combined  meaning is Student of God's Promises.While we did choose this name for her, we also chose it because what it has meant for us in these last few years. Never before in our lives have we had to be more dependent on God's promises and how they translate into our daily lives.When it seemed like He didn't see us or hear us crying out for His help, we kept on going back to His word to find His promises and just rest in the truth found there. We pray that no matter what our sweet girl walks through, she will always look for the same thing!Thank you for reading, dear friend! We so appreciate all the excitement and encouragement from all of you during this pregnancy. You guys have made this even MORE fun for us! So thank you from the bottom of our hearts!