Mom Life Monday

Happy Monday, y'all! I hope your weekend was wonderful!For today's Mom Life Monday, I'm sharing my top ten MOST asked about items I use on a daily basis. These will range from steamers to curling wands and everything in between.

  1. The number one direct message question I receive is always about how I curl my hair. I'd love to get my life together and do a tutorial, but for now, at least I can share this amazing wand that I love. I will try to add a hair tutorial to my saved stories so y'all can view it whenever you want. So stay tuned!
  2. Another beauty product I get a ton of questions about is self tanner. I've been using this TanWise for a while but I've also heard amazing things about this St. Moriz tanning mousse. Regardless of what tanner you use, I would HIGHLY recommend this mitt. I've been using this same one for years and its amazing!
  3. I get asked about how I do my eye shadow and I owe it all to this amazing palette!
  4. To round up the beauty section of this post, is THE most amazing hair spray ever. It's not sticky at all but really holds your mane in place. I will never ever use another hair spray!
  5. I can't stand ironing so this steamer has been an absolute life saver. I can get clothes out of their wrinkly state in no time and I can also travel with it which is a huge plus!
  6. Speaking of travel, I always have questions about my suitcase since it's white, most people assume it gets super dirty in transit. The great thing about this set is that I can use a magic eraser when I get home to clean the scuffs and it's good as new! I get so many compliments on this set. It's such a show stopper and is the easiest to organize all my clothes and accessories. The whole set is on sale! This is the carry on, this is the medium size, and this is the large.
  7. A life saving home item I use is this mini vacuum sweeper thing. A friend of mine loved hers so much that she ordered one for me and OH MY it's amazing! Its rechargeable and light weight enough to let the girls use it to clean up their own messes. Talk about a game changer.
  8. I also get asked about my aviator sunglasses. I have RayBans but I actually like the way these feel on my face SO much better! They are also on sale for $15 right now!
  9. It seems like every time I have Reese and Rowe on my stories, I get asked about where I get their bows. I've gone thru a LOT of bows and these are by FAR the best. The are clip in and they actually stay and hold their shape over time. The size is perfect too.
  10. The last thing I want to share is my gold monogrammed necklace. It's from Shop Julia Marie and it's the Lauren 2" with the 16" chain. You can use code LAURA for a discount.
I hope this helps with some of your most frequently asked questions! If you have any others, let me know and I'll add it to the list for next time![showboutiquewidget id="695521"]