Friday Favorites - FAQ Edition

Before we jump into Friday Favorites, could we just talk for a sec about how this is my FAVORITE outfit for fall thus far?! I'm loving the button up skirt and this brown and black color combo is just everything. I think a turtleneck is super duper flattering on just about anyone and this one from J Crew Factory Store is light weight enough to give the look of the high neck without feeling suffocating!Ok! So for today's Friday Favorites, I'm going to try to answer some of my most frequently asked questions! Let's start with my curling wand. I get questions all the time about what I use to curl my hair and I am TELLING YOU this wand is the best! It's the perfect size and heats up enough to curl quickly and allows the curl to stay! Speaking of making the curl stay, I'm also linking the hair spray that makes ALL the difference in the world.[showshopthepostwidget id="2850278"]  Another question I get a LOT is what I use for my eye makeup, foundation, blush, eye liner, and neutral lipstick. I've linked all the items I use and the lipstick color I wear almost every day is called Caramel Latte. I have used this eye shadow palette for a year now and it's just perfect for a simple smoky eye. If I can get my life together, I'll try to post a tutorial for HOW I do my eye makeup. But this should at least get you started.[showshopthepostwidget id="2850269"]Also, while we are on the subject of makeup, here's the self tanner and mitt that I use for application![showshopthepostwidget id="2850286"]  I also get asked on a weekly basis what kind of workout I do. Three to four times a week I do a high intensity interval training workout. Two to three times a week, I go for a run. We also love to go for hikes as a family, which typically involves me taking turns carrying Reese and Rowen on my back. So lots of activity and I use the 80/20 rule for how I eat. I try to eat clean 80% of the time and then the other 20% of my meals, anything goes. AKA I got to chick fil a!  I know this sounds super random but I also get lots of questions about paint colors in my house! The exterior paint color is Benjamin Moor Winds Breath with Rockport Grey shutters. The inside of our house is Revere Pewter also by Benjamin Moore.  Here's everything I'm wearing in today's post:[showshopthepostwidget id="2850284"]