Vacation Style

Hi, friends!I did lots and lots of research before our most recent beach trip in order to try to find some cutie stuff to take with me. Sadly, I was so frazzled before we left that I forgot to pack half of what I got. Thankfully we get to go back to the beach in a few weeks with my fam so I'll have another chance to wear everything. In the meantime though I wanted to share with YOU some of the goodies I've been finding in hopes that maybe you'll find something that needs to be in your suitcase on your next vacay!But first! Here's one of my favorite looks that I actually DID remember to take to the beach! HA!MAXI DRESSES[showboutiquewidget id="602196"]HATS[showboutiquewidget id="602197"]COVER UPS[showboutiquewidget id="602198"]ROMPERS[showboutiquewidget id="602202"]SWIMSUITS[showboutiquewidget id="602204"]ACCESSORIES[showboutiquewidget id="602207"] You'll notice under accessories, I've listed the curling wand I use for beachy waves, the suitcase I take on all my trips, and the steamer that I cannot live without!Hope this helps give you a little bit of inspo as you head into vacation season!