Embroider It All, Y'all

Hi! Thanks so much for coming by my blog today. I'm glad you're here because that means that you love embroidery. I too have a deep love for embroidery, hence the entire post being dedicated to it.I think we can all agree on one thing right up front: Embroidered clothing is THE number one trend of the summer! I'm seeing it everywhere and I'm not at all mad about it. I love the feminine touch and how it's just as appropriately worn on a beach in Cabo as it is in the deli section of Publix. You can more than likely find me wearing my embroidered things at the latter. It's fine. I'm fine. #pleasetakemesomewheretropicalIn an effort to buy all the embroidered things, I've rounded up what I've found on my search. I'm really loving that my go-to spots for great deals are carrying some CUTIE options, but if you're looking for something a little higher quality, I gotcha covered there too![showboutiquewidget id="606256"]I limited this post to just dresses and tops but be warned! I'm starting to work on a bags and shoes post. It's coming!Have a happy day, sweet friends!