Friday Favorites + Weekend Plans

Hey y'all!Just popping in to share a few Friday favorites with you, one of which is this cute stripe open shoulder top from The Belle Boutique. It's super soft and has enough length on it that you could do a little side knot or just wear it longer with leggings. They are offering 20% off for my followers when you use code HELLO20 so be sure to check them out!      A few other favorites I wanted to share are the Beauty Blender I talked about on my insta stories this week. This thing really is worth all the hype! I was so skeptical but it's the first thing I've used that gives a smooth finish without soaking up all your foundation. I love it!I also tried this green concealer for the first time this week and am obsessed. It's perfect for redness or breakouts because it neutralizes that area. It's super affordable, too! Today has been CRAZY but I've loved every minute! Tomorrow we've got a birthday party in the morning and then I'm headed to finalize the design for a huge client house reveal. Stay tuned for the finished product. I'm hoping I'll be able to sneak away with Matt for a date tomorrow night. With all the craziness of this week and weekend, we could really use it!Hope y'all have and awesome Friday and just the best weekend!!