The Working Mom's Workout

Hi, friend!If you're here I'm thinking it's because you're interested in getting yo booty into shape. If that's the case, you're in the right place!But can I also just share that what you do on a daily basis is such hard work. The mom life is good stuff but man can it be hard. So the fact that you're even considering doing anything but collapsing on the couch during nap time while slipping into an oreo-induced coma is worthy of a big ol high five.One thing I found pretty early into motherhood is that when I make working out a priority, I'm just a happier momma. Taking care of yourself is sometimes the last thing on the list of what has to get done but I promise it's worth it.If you're like me, the idea of spending over an hour a day doing anything (especially working out!) is laughable. Maybe your kiddos are in school so you've got some extra during the day time, but over here we are in the trenches of the toddlerhood so any workout has gotta be fast and effective.I try to incorporate three to four thirty minute high intensity workout sessions weekly, plus two cardio sessions.A typical HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout looks like this:7 minutes: (go thru the circuit as many times as you can)15 burpees15 toe taps20 jumping lumges (10 per leg)1 minute plank with a twistREST for 1 minute7 minutes: (go thru the circuit as many times as you can)15 pushups20 stair climbers (literally just climb my stairs)15 commandos50 mountain climbersRepeat the first circuit again followed by the second circuit (28 minutes total)On days when I need to get in my cardio, I like to fast pace stroll 100 pounds of girl child upand down the KILLER hills in my neighborhood OR if Matt gets home early enough (or on weekends) I go for a run. Fun fact: I burn three times as many calories walking for 3 miles with my girls than I do running 6 miles alone. That'll bless ya!Speaking of running, I used to be an avid runner and just within the past year switched to interval training with weights. I'm not hating on running because I really do enjoy it! But while running is a great cardio workout, it's not great on your joints and it's also not (gasp) a super effective form of working out if your desire is to tone up muscle groups and really burn fat effectively. I'm not claiming to be an expert by any means. I just know what I've learned from my research.The goal with working out (especially if you're limited on time!) is to work harder and smarter. If you can't spend two hours in the gym every day, just kick your tail for 30 minutes at home! Some days I workout longer, most days I don't.Just get up and move every single day and you'll be able to tell a difference in your energy level. If you've got really specific goals, write them down and start right away. You got this, momma!Workout Gear Found Here:[showshopthepostwidget id="2328999"]