Splurge VS Save Denim Addition

Hi.Hello.What's Up?Thanks for stopping by. I'm just sitting over here at my kitchen table watching my girls out the bay window while they play "Sad, then make you feel better", which is basically a game where one sits with arms crossed and a pouty face and then the other runs up with a smile and an original peppy tune to try to make them feel better. THE. CUTEST.So that's my scene today! I'm here to share a few of my favorite brands to shop for affordable denim and I also want to share a few pieces I think are worth splurging on and what things you shouldn't stress the budget over.Leh go.I get my basic black jeans from H&M and they're $9.99. I actually distressed them myself by putting them on one day and taking scissors to the knees. Surprisingly it turned out really well. I actually love the fit of these jeans and haven't found any (even pricier ones!) that I like better.I would recommend buying two pair (size up, they run small) and letting one be distressed and the other just basic black denim. At this price point, you can definitely afford it! For sizing reference, I normally wear a 27 in skinny jeans and I wear a 29 in these!If you aren't interested in a DIY distressing job, I LOVE these:For lighter distressed denim, I shopped for a long, long time to try to find something super affordable and I finally ended up breaking down and buying these. Y'all. I'm so glad I did! I love the fit on these jeans and the distressing is just right.If you aren't into distressed jeans, I'd recommend these for a skinny option and these for a boot cut fit. Both are a definite investment but they will last you years. I've had my boot cut Citizens of Humanity jeans for four years and they're still going strong.  I wear my white jeans year round so they definitely get a lot of wear out of them. Because of the light color, it's super important to get a quality pair of white jeans so you can see every little imperfection on your leg right thru your pants. #notcuteI also have a distressed and non-distressed pair of white denim.If you're ready to invest, I'd recommend these If you're needing a more affordable pair to get you by, I also love these:And these: Finally this distressed pair is a great option: If there's one thing I've learned over the years it's that you get what you pay for when it comes to denim. I wear the heck out of my jeans so investing in the right pair is a must. But that doesn't mean it always has to break the bank!I hope some of these suggestions help and I hope you have a SUPER day!