How To Make The Best Buying Decisions

The real title to this post is "The four questions you should ask yourself before you buy something in order to ensure you're making the BEST purchasing decision and won't regret it next time you get dressed."But that's not super catchy.So "How to make the best buying decisions" it is! Also not super catchy but we're gonna roll with it.I've found myself many times during the week staring at rows of clothes that I have no interest in putting on my body. I know it's my own fault. I brought me to this place. I bought the dang clothes and now what once seemed so appealing is begging for me to throw it in the giveaway pile. I look disapprovingly at my expansive collection of button down flannels and wonder "how'd you all got here?"If it's me we are talking about, which we are because this is my blog, more than likely the clothes got in my closet because they were on sale. I can't resist a sale. A bright red sale sign turns something mediocre into something must-have. I'm not proud of my obsession with a sale. But like a moth to a flame I go every time a new sale beckons me. I could probably blame it on my sever case of FOMO (fear of missing out) but the sale obsession has still gotten me into more trouble than I'd like to admitIn recent months I've turned everything around, or at least started to. The change in the right direction started when I cleaned out my closet. I got rid of anything I hadn't worn in six months and anything I just didn't like on me. This left me with not a lot of clothes. But I'm cool with that because I also started incorporating this intentional method of asking questions before I buy and it's changed the way my closet collection is speaking to me. As in, it's actually speaking to me.So here's what I ask myself prior to making a purchase:

Can it be styled in more than one way?

All clothing falls into two categories: 1) Functional and 2) Statement. I'm all about a statement piece! I love floral prints and frilly dresses. But it's just reality that statement pieces (items that can really only be styled one way) are one and done. So when you're getting ready to make a purchase, really quickly make a mental pinterest board of all the ways you could style the item. If you can think of more than two ways, especially if it involves clothes you already own, then you're making a great decision. Even if it means changing up the accessories, shoes, or jacket, it still counts! A closet should be about 75% functional and 25% statement with your statement items being the ones with the largest turn over. Not a hard, fast rule, of course. But definitely something to keep in mind, especially if you're really wanting to build those basics.

Can it be worn during more than one season?

Ok, I know that it's a must to get warm weather clothes and winter wear, but if you're really considering investing in something quality, and you know you can layer it or strip it down, it's almost always a good idea! I have camis and cardis that have become great transitional pieces. I also wear jeans year round so I'm pretty much always ok with making a denim investment. If there's one thing I will always spend more on, it's year round basics. I wear the heck out of them so when the quality is good, they last me so much more wear and tear!

Do I love the way it fits me?

Not the way it looked on the model or on the rack. I mean, is this piece of clothing doing me favors? If the fit is just ok, send it back. If you don't love it in the dressing room, you won't love it at home. Maybe your experience is different than mine, but I've yet to try something on in a store, be kind of "eh" about it, get it home, and all of a sudden I'm in love with it. If it's not love at first site, it's not going to grow on you. Clothes have no redeeming qualities other than their first impression. There have been so many times that I bought something because I loved it but I didn't like it on me. Don't make this mistake! If the fit is no good, pass on it.BONUS QUESTION! I imagine the freshly steamed piece of clothing all wrinkled and hanging in my closet and I ask myself "Do I love this enough to IRON or STEAM it in order to wear it?" The truth is, I've bought so many tops with ruffles and pleats and after one trip thru the wash, even once laid dry, it just doesn't look quite right. This requires a lot of effort to return it to its former glory. If I love the fit of it enough to put in the time to make it look right, then I know I'll do it. Also meaning... I know I'll wear it. I hope this little mental checklist helps you in making your buying decisions. I think most of us really do have a desire to make our closets work for us. I'm finally getting to the point where I get excited to get dressed because I've started being so much more intentional about what actually makes its way into my closet. I hope if you're not already there, you get to that point.To help get you started, here are a few of my BEST purchases of the year so far! [showshopthepostwidget id="2361843"] Much Love!