Keep It Simple: Seasonal Decor

We are finally heading into my very favorite time of the year! I love everything about Fall... the cooler weather, the football, the apple picking, the pumpkin EVERYTHING.

My Fall decor barely gets a chance to collect any dust before I'm beginning to transition into Christmas. 

Before you throw your stones just know that I have been decorating my house for Christmas in the beginning of November for years. It's just how I roll. We have so much going on in the month of November and December that cramming one more "to do" just gives me a twitch. I would prefer to decorate when things are slower giving me time to really let the creative juices flow.

Speaking of creative juices, one thing I get asked about all the time is how to take the chore out of decorating. Here are a few tips:

Focus on small spaces with high impact

I think one of the reasons people get overwhelmed while decorating for any holiday is that they feel like every square inch of their house has to be covered in seasonal stuff. Instead of feeling like you must touch every space, just focus on "moments" here and there. No matter the holiday, I always like to decorate my entryway, my mantel, my dining room table, and my kitchen... not my entire kitchen. just a little touch on my breakfast table and a spot on my counter. Some of you might still be thinking that still sounds like a lot. But most of those areas stay exactly the same as they always are and I just supplement with touches of the season. 

Buy decorations you actually like

Another reason some don't like decorating is that they actually don't like the stuff they have. This year I finally decided to spruce up my fall decor and I know I'll have to do the same for Christmas. Everything I had fit with our house before it was updated. None of the colors worked anymore so it was time for a change. I didn't have to spend a lot of money (thanks mostly to Target dollar section) but I really love the way everything looks. Don't be afraid to move a few things around in the budget to allow for seasonal decor and be sure you get stuff you like! Just because it's a good price, doesn't mean it should come home with you.

Don't Overdo It

Kind of piggybacking the first idea with this one. but it's worth mentioning that the decor you put out doesn't have to be extravagant to be beautiful. Find a theme that you like and then incorporate little touches here and there. This year I was really loving the organic feel of fresh foliage so I bought up a few bunches of eucalyptus and spread it throughout the house. Inexpensive but it makes me happy every time I see it. 

Ask for Help

If I'm ever feeling like I have zero inspiration, I turn to Pinterest. I start out looking up something really generic like "Christmas Decor" and then once I see something I like, I'll change up my search to something more specific like "Christmas Faux Antlers" or "Farmhouse Christmas" and then see where it takes me. I also have a few fav bloggers that always have the best ideas! I love getting inspiration from all over. It gives a great jumping off point.

I hope this helps! Keep an eye out for my Christmas Home Tour coming the beginning of November. And if you ever have any questions regarding home decor, please feel free to ask!