Friday Favorites


Happy Friday to you! This week has been CRAY-ZEE around here thanks to getting carpet installed in our upstairs + assembling all the new things for the girl's new room. I'm almost done and I can't wait to show it to you!

I have a little compilation of things I wanted to share with you for today's Friday favorites...

Blanket Scarves

Yall. I can't get enough of blanket scarves. Plaids, buffalo check, stripes, I love them ALL. What I'm really loving about blanket scarves is the versatility of how you can wear them. I'll do a little tutorial coming up about all the ways I tie mine. I've really enjoyed wrapping the scarf around my shoulders to achieve a poncho feel. If you want to shop a few of my favorites, here they are!!

Halo Top Ice Cream

Oh. My. Word. You guys this stuff is amazing. All the hype surrounding it is TRUE. I don't know what any of us did to deserve a delicious ice cream that you can consumer without any of the guilt. Call it favor. Call it unmerited mercy. Whatever it is, it's hashtag BLESSED. I've only tried mint and chocolate because the selfish people that shop at my local Kroger, snatch up all the other fun flavors. But I will keep looking til I can find more. Cuz I need more.

Chip and Jo

How much do I love these two? Let me count the ways. I've only read a teensy bit of this beauty since I got it yesterday and it is so perfect. We needed something to tide us over til November when the new season starts, and this is just perfect for that! Get your copy here.

The Best Mascara Ever

I know everybody claims to have the "best mascara ever" but I have been around the block trying ALL the mascaras and when it comes to helping my stubby blonde lashes look lengthy and full, this stuff does the trick. The name is weird but it's worth it. You can try it here.

We are looking forward to a cooler weekend just in time for apple picking with the fam. I apologize in advance for the oversharing that is to come. Hope you have an awesome Friday!