The Best Distressed Denim

Hi, friends!

Hope you had a great Labor Day Weekend!

Our weekend was busy but in a good way. Reese still had a soccer game Saturday morning and as soon as it was done, we headed up to the mountains for the day. Sunday morning we had a slow morning eating pancakes in our jammies before heading to the later service at church. We met family for lunch after church and then while everyone took afternoon naps, momma went shoppin! And Y'all. It was crazy town out there. If it weren't for the heat and lack of Christmas tunes, I could have promised it was Black Friday. What in the world?

After the hectic shopping experience, Matt and I got to go on a super fun date that included a few of my favorite things:
1. Being with Matt
2. Eating at OK Cafe
3. Browsing every aisle in IKEA
4. Jeni's Ice Cream

It was so fun!

Monday I got up and went for a run even though I had almost zero desire to do so. The trail was particularly crowded with fallen limbs and rocks so I wiped out GOOD. Thankfully no one was around to see me. Not one of my more graceful moments.

We had a mid-day birthday party for the sweetest little one year old. Reese and Rowen were so very excited to go and were just the sweetest little attendees. It's tough stuff having to watch someone else open presents. Especially when you're TWO!

Post party sugar crash made for epic nap times, which was the perfect way to spend the afternoon if you ask me.

I hope you got to spend time resting from your normal laboring this weekend!

Ok, now let's chat about JEANS.

I've rounded up a few of my favorite pairs of distressed denim and tried to keep the price points under $100. Most of these options have plenty of sizes available but when you're in this price range, options sell out pretty quickly. So keep that in mind!

A few things to keep in mind when you're shopping for jeans online... Most of the models wearing the jeans are fairly tall so if you're not wanting to cuff your jeans, then look for the "ankle" option. The "girlfriend" style will typically already be designed to roll at the cuff a few times and will be a loose fit around the upper leg.

If you're looking for a more of a super distressed look, you're leaning toward "destroyed" denim. If you're wanting an option with a LOT of stretch, try going for a jegging. Don't let that title scare you. What's out now is not the same as what was being sold on informercials a few years ago. Most often these will have an elastic waste band and will be sooooooo comfy and flattering!

Also, if you like the idea of distressed denim but can't quite find the right pair, it's super easy to add some distressing yourself. I'll do a little tutorial on the blog in the next few weeks on how to add distressing to otherwise non-distressed jeans.

Last, but certainly not least, just remember that absolutely anyone can wear distressed denim. It just adds a relaxed fit and visual interest to an outfit. I think they're a wardrobe essential. So get ya some.

Hope that helps with your search!