Blush Pink + Favorite Fall Color Combos

Hi, friends!

I can't hide my love for blush pink right now. I'm seeing it everywhere and it's just beautiful. I'm currently on the hunt for a blush faux leather jacket and I'm loving this one...

I'm also needing a pea coat for an upcoming trip to NYC and am trying to choose between these four. Help a sister out!

This flannel plaid button down top from The Loft is giving me all the feels. Paired with skinny and these precious flats would be a perfect fall look.

I recently bought these blush flats from Forever 21 and I was really worried about whether or not they would be comfortable because Y'ALL I do not mess when it comes to shoe comfort. Aint nobody got time for blisters. Rest assured if you ever see me tag a pair of shoes, it goes without saying that they are COMFY.

Some of my favorite color combos for the Fall involve softer, muted tones (orange isn't in my color wheel) so grey + blush..... olive + blush..... marcalla + blush..... BLACK + blush..... yes, please.
I love this look, especially since the dress and poncho are both on sale!