Beach Life

We leave for the beach in just a few days and I cannot WAIT.

My family has been vacationing together for as long as I can remember to the same spot on Alabama's coast. 

What I love about this trip is that it always serves as a benchmark of sorts. We don't venture out much from what's always worked for us so eating at the same places we went when I was twelve isn't unusual for us. When you grow up in a place, it has a way of reminding you where you've come from.

It seems like just yesterday that I was an awkward twelve year old sporting my outlet mall clearance rack Polo tee combing the beach for the cute boys. As a side note: I never found them. Maybe it was the tee shirt? Or the bangs? It's a toss up.

The beach has a way of helping me to find my center and being with my family in close quarters for a whole week gives me an even greater sense of purpose. Whether it's building a puzzle with my dad into the wee hours of the morning or taking a walk with my mom every afternoon on the beach; going on a girl's night out with my sisters or splashing in the waves in the golden hour with my girls. It's just time well spent.

I love watching my babies enjoy the time with their cousins. I love watching them run from the rising tide squealing with delight as it splashes their little toes. Even the quarreling over sand toys and beach chairs is charming when it's done by the water in the presence of all my favorite people. Well, almost charming.

Look out for a great big picture dump and blog post when we get back. I hope to have sweet stories to share of all the memories we will make together on this trip. Until then, here are a few from last year's trip!

Me and my Mom twinning at dinner

snack time!

LOVE this picture of my sweet people!

Missing my brothers and their family + one of my sisters

Hope you're day is sweet!