5 Rules For Cleaning Out Your Closet


Hope you're weekend was amazing. Ours was literally non-stop. Reese was the cutest ballerina on stage (I'm only a little partial) and she did SO well with remembering her routine. We treated her to lunch at her favorite restaurant afterward and my mom and dad got to come with. It was sweet! Sunday I got sick, boo. So I spent the day on the couch watching the Food Network. Thankfully I'm feeling better today!

How fun is this top?! The fringe. The embroidery. The color. The Fit. The PRICE. Less than $30.

Yes, please.

I tried to find it online but it looks like it might just be in stores. Sad. But still worth it, I think.

Ok, let's talk about your closet. It's a little past time to change from Winter to Spring but just in case you're still in the in between phases, here are a few guidelines for having a successful clean out sesh.

1. The six month rule: If you haven't worn it in six months or if you can't remember the last time you wore it, get rid of it. We keep FAR too many items of clothing that we really just don't like for the rare chance that one day we will see it with new eyes and be like OH! But guess what? That's not gonna happen. The unwanted clothes are just going to keep taking up space in your closet and giving you anxiety whenever you go to get dressed. SO if you don't love it, say bye.

2. The 80/20 rule: Your closet should be made up of 80% every day basics and 20% show stoppers. What's a show stopper? It's a statement piece. Something that has a loud pattern or can only be worn a small handful of times. Most people reach for show stoppers when they shop because basics seem boring. But having great basics is what makes getting ready every day so easy. So as you're cleaning out your closet, take inventory of what basics you have and what you need. I'm scheming an upcoming post about what kind of basics you actually need to build a great wardrobe.

3. The distressed rule: Ok. if you have an article of clothing that's supposed to have holes, frays, rips, etc. then that's one thing. But if you have something that's missing buttons or the very basic necessities to make it a presentable piece to be worn in public, then it needs to go.We all have our "lounge wear" but that belongs in the PJ drawer and not in the closet. Your closet should be your portal to fabulous not the stairwell to frumpy. So if it's falling apart, it's time.

4. The fit rule: If you don't like the way something fits on you OR if it just doesn't fit you, then get rid of it. If you're in between sizes or trying to lose weight, then having clothes around for when you reach your goal is awesome. But they need to go in a bin in the attic. Having them stare you in the face when it's go time for day to day readiness is not going to do you any favors. And trying something on that doesn't fit will only send you into a sad spiral. Again, portal to fabulous, people. Set yourself up for success and keep those items as a future wardrobe. And if a poorly fitting piece somehow finds it's way onto a hanger, then don't let it stay.

5. The seasonal rule: I know a lot of people are blessed with large closets. My closet in my 1980's fixer upper is about the size of a mall bathroom stall. This has actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise (or I'm trying to hard to see it that way) since it forces me to remove ALL non-seasonal items. This gives me a really good idea of what I actually have to wear each day. The problem with keeping clothes from different seasons is that it gives you the illusion of having lots to choose from when in reality, you probably don't. Give yourself less clutter and you'll find a more realistic view of your options.

I can't even tell you how many times I've stood in a heap of frustration in my closet. For so many of us this is not a happy place. Maybe you don't have the money right now to get the clothes you want so just keeping your current clothes makes you feel better. A few years ago when we were first starting Matt's State Farm agency, we were super tight financially. I remember cleaning out my closet and taking two huge bags to a consignment store. I'm pretty sure they might as well have just robbed me in the alley behind the store with what they gave me for my clothes, BUT I used what I got and purchased a few things I LOVED and needed. It took me a long time to build up my basics but I'm getting there.

You can do the best with what you've got but you can't work with something you don't like.

It's like a band-aid. Just do it fast and get it over with. I promise you'll like looking at a closet that's a little more empty way more than looking at a closet full of things you'll never actually wear.

Hugs to you and happy Monday!